my fist bitch (spinelesskarma) wrote in kimfdm,
my fist bitch

can you help?

can anyone verify the rumor i heard that tori amous (i don't know how to spell it) will be singing instead of maynard on the next apc album????
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You're being LIED TO

Maynard has said on many occasions that he considers APC as at important a status in his singing career. That'd be like Chino Moreno singing on the next Tool album.

Besides, I've not heard anything about Tori Amos and I AM THE WORLD
sweet. thankyou! my exboyfriend said something like that and i freaked out. i love maynard and i (sorry to say this to all you tori fans out there) but i hate tori amos. that puts my head to rest. thankyou.